The world is in isolation, do to COVID-19, and everything we use to take for granted has changed. The life we once knew seems so distant, but we at "Face Anxiety" believe that each of us as individuals have the unique opportunity to grow.

We want to challenge you to set goals right now that you will do once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. See it as your "New Years Resolution," but this time, you will call it #GoalsAfterCovid.

Here how to do it:

Step 1 - Write down three goals.

Goal 3 is a "Group goal," meaning it needs to be something that you will do with other people (e.g., going to a public event).

Step 2 - Post your goals in your social network

Use the hashtag #GoalsAfterCovid. We will reply to your post and inspire you!

Step 3 - Make your goals a reality!

If you need a little push forward, we can help. Contact us!