Hug a Tree – Face Anxiety #3

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A while ago, I went to a writing and meditation workshop. And it was interesting because the instructor sat us down in front of a beautiful lake to do some meditation and then after finishing she asked us to go to the woods and hug at three.

I was like...what.

So yeah, I've ventured on my own and walked to a secluded part of the woods where I was completely alone. Then I followed the instructions and hugged a tree.

And you know what, it felt fantastic. It was so peaceful, and the tree did not judge me or anything. I could feel a calmness and peace inside of me.

You know, one of the best ways to face anxiety is to go to nature and truly listen to your surroundings. I promise you will be able to find peace.

So when you feel your anxiety taking over you, step outside and go to nature. Also, I strongly recommend you hug a tree. It will be embarrassing at first, but it's so worth it.

Let's grab hold of our wishes under the same flag - together; we're one piece.

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